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Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits

Filled with tips and survival skills from writers and fund-raising officers at nonprofits of all sizes, Writing for a Good Cause is the first book to explain how to use words well to win your cause the money it needs. Whether you work for a storefront social action agency or a leading university, the authors’ knowledgeable, practical advice will help you:

  • Write the perfect proposal — from the initial research and interviews to the final product
  • Draft, revise, and polish a “beguiling, exciting, can’t-put-it-down and surely can’t-turn-it-down” request for funds
  • Create case statements and other big money materials — also write, design, and print newsletters, and use the World Wide Web effectively
  • Survive last-minute proposals and other crises — with the Down-and-Dirty Proposal Kit!

Writing for a Good Cause provides everything fund raisers, volunteers, staff writers, freelancers, and program directors need to know to win funds from individual, foundation, and corporate donors.Writing for nonprofits is a juggling act. One’s job might entail writing grant proposals, newsletters, thank-you notes, case statements, and Web-site material–each for a different boss. The most successful development writers take the time to both experience their causes firsthand (sleep in the shelter, go to rehearsals, visit the wilderness) and cultivate personal relationships with their donors (“people give to people”). You’ll give yourself an amazing head start when applying for a grant, say Joseph Barbato and Danielle Furlich, just by following an organization’s guidelines and getting your math right–it’s surprising how many fundraisers do neither. Make your point once, clearly, and don’t forget the human element. “You aren’t just asking for money,” say the authors of Writing for a Good Cause, “you are asking to help people.” Barbato and Furlich, both veteran fundraisers, interviewed both grants administrators and development writers for this guide. The result is an inside view of the arcane workings of the world of fundraising that would make any novice feel more proficient immediately. Their “gotta-get-it-out-right-now, how-late-is-FedEx-open? Down-and-dirty proposal kit” is a terrific tool when there isn’t time to write the “knockout, beguiling, exciting, can’t-put-it-down, and surely can’t-turn-it-down fundraising proposal.” And keep in mind: when a donor gives your proposal the nod, say thank you. Twice. In fact, say Barbato and Furlich, “It is almost impossible to thank a donor too much.” –Jane Steinberg

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Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself Into Print

Hundreds of books have been written on the art of writing. Here at last is a book by two professional editors to teach writers the techniques of the editing trade that turn promising manuscripts into published novels and short stories.

In this completely revised and updated second edition, Renni Browne and Dave King teach you, the writer, how to apply the editing techniques they have developed to your own work. Chapters on dialogue, exposition, point of view, interior monologue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an expert editor would go through to perfect your manuscript. Each point is illustrated with examples, many drawn from the hundreds of books Browne and King have edited.

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The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers: 12 Ways to Take Your Book from Good to Great (Little Books for Writers)

12 Ways to Take Your Book from Good to Great

Whether your aim is to seek a publishing contract or to publish your book yourself, you want your writing to be as free of placeholder words, as devoid of verbal crutches, as lean and clean as you can learn to make it. This book will show you how.

Part One: Search and Destroy

Whether it’s fish heads, zombie nouns, vampire verbs, or the dread dangling participle, these chapters will show you how to find and eliminate common early-draft mistakes.

Part Two: The Self-Editor’s Toolkit

Learn to create richer language, set the pace, and wrangle dialogue tags while pondering “The Most-Hated Writing Advice Ever.”

Part Three: Self-Editing Resources

Links to good books and helpful websites for writers, and a handy quick-reference to all the pointers in The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers.

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Editing Made Easy: Simple Rules for Effective Writing

An earlier version of Editing Made Easy, published in Bruce Kaplan’s native Australia, has become a best-selling resource for writers in much or the English-speaking world. Because of the different spellings and conventions of American English, it has been unavailable here–until now. The new book is thoroughly revised, updated, expanded, and Americanized. It maintains the attractions of the original–friendly, easy-to-understand rules for improved writing. It’s a quick read, and an easy reference for anybody who wants to communicate clearly with American English. The book is non-technical in its approach. It doesn’t cover grammatical terms such as present perfect progressive or correlative conjunctions. It boils grammar and style into a few simple rules that will serve you well whether you are a journalist, a student, a novelist, a business executive, a blogger, or anybody else who would like to make effective use of written language.  

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How to Design TED-Worthy Presentation Slides (Black & White Edition): Presentation Design Principles from the Best TED Talks

Black & White edition This is the B&W edition of the book. All pictures inside will be in grayscale.

“Reading this book changed my presentation style and my slides, both for the better – and I’ve been a professional speaker for over 30 years.” ~ Becki L. James

How to Design TED-Worthy Presentation Slides is a short, practical and step-by-step guide to creating sexy slides.
It is based on an extensive analysis of some of the best TED speakers, such as Brene Brown, Daniel Pink, Amy Cuddy, Larry Lessig, Seth Godin, Bill Gates and many, many more.

By the end of this guide, you too will be able to create sexy presentation slides that keep your audiences mesmerized. More importantly, you will be able to design presentations that breathe life into your slides, instead of draining it out of your audience.
Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn inside the book:
The most common mistake most presenters make – and how you can avoid it
•The one principle that will make you better than 90% of most speakers
How to quickly create a presentation storyboard
•Bill Gates’ trick for transforming his slides from dull to dashing
The Seth Godin presentation formula
•The importance of contrast
Locating and using sexy fonts
•Spicing up your presentations with video
Displaying data without being dull
•Ensuring consistency between slides
How to deliver a great TED talk (or any other speech or presentation)
•And much, much more…

“A must read…An essential tool for preparing effective, interesting and “sexy” presentations…a must read for any professional who wants to improve his communicational skills.” ~ Rosalinda Scalia

“The lessons shared in this short book will a go a long way to helping a person give better public presentations. The insights shared by Akash are like golden nuggets in a river full of info!” ~ Alan Portugal

“I have been teaching workshops at universities and Fortune 500 Campuses up and down the East Coast on building better presentations. Akash hits all the right notes in this book. A must read for anyone wanting to build powerful presentations.” ~ David Bishop

“Excellent for those who want to really engage their audience. I incorporated many of the principles within and developed a more effective product presentation.” ~ Tom Tipps

“Right on the mark. Just what I was looking for as a non-designer.” ~ Erik J. Zettelmayer

“Make a greater impact with your presentations. While reading this book I was mentally reviewing my talks where I use PowerPoint slides. I am now changing some of those slides to make a greater impact on the listeners. These tips are easy to implement and make sense.” ~ John C. Erdman

“As always we can expect the best from Akash and we are getting more.” ~ Payam Bahrampoor

“This book gives practical advice. However, it does not stop there. It demonstrates how to use that advice, gives visual examples of what to do and what not to do and explains why. It turns creating a presentation from a dreaded event to one allowing creativity to flow and your passion about your subject matter to emerge on the screen through your slides.” ~ Pandora Training and Consulting

“I will admit to rarely reviewing books. However, this book was such a step above any others I’ve read on the art of PowerPoint presentations, I had to give it a five star review.” ~ David Schwind

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The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Popular TV Show

A look into the paranormal legends and lore featured on the hit television show Supernatural.

From angels to demons, supernatural weaponry to Enochian, Heaven to Hell, The Mythology of Supernatural explores the religious roots and the ancient folklore of the otherworldly entities that brothers Sam and Dean Winchester face on the hit television show Supernatural-and that have inhabited the shadows of human imagination across countless cultures and centuries.

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Quality Criteria in children TV: Narrative and Script Writing for Children’s TV 0-6

This text is a review of some changes that have recently taken place in literary creation and script writing in TV programs for children 0-6 years; a new image of child-audience at home has recently emerged: children are actives and living in “media immersion”. New quality criteria have emerged for production of attractive socio-emotional TV programs. The review is addressed to TV professionals working in TV script design and literary creation for children audiovisual programs.

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Zero Dark Thirty: The Shooting Script

The hunt for Osama bin Laden preoccupied the world and two American presidential administrations for more than a decade. But in the end, it took a small, dedicated team of CIA operatives to track him down. Every aspect of their mission was shrouded in secrecy. Though some of the details have since been made public, many of the most significant parts of the intelligence operation—including the central role played by that team—are brought to the screen for the first time in a nuanced and gripping new film by the Oscar®-winning creative duo of Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, starring Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Ehle, Mark Strong, Kyle Chandler, and Edgar Ramirez.

The Newmarket Shooting Script Book includes:

  • Introduction by Kathryn Bigelow
  • Complete shooting script
  • Q&A with Mark Boal by Rob Feld
  • Production notes
  • Storyboards
  • Complete cast and crew credits

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Freelancing: 101 (for beginners) – What Freelancers Need to Know when starting a Freelancing Business (Freelancing for beginners – Freelancing guide – Freelancers – Freelance Start)

Tired of slaving at work? Tired of having a boss that tells you what to do and when to do it? You’re not alone and this book will teach you where and how to start your own freelance business.

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

For the essence of freelancing look no further than the first syllable. If, already, you are struggling with this introduction, the syllable to which I refer is free. This, of course, indicates the sense you will have through not being a slave to any particular system, rather than what you will provide your services for.

There is a common misconception among the vast majority of people, that staying in one job endlessly, however much you may despise it, is somehow the honourable thing to do.

Even for the most sceptical atheist there is an almost religious belief that slogging away thanklessly, repeatedly and, often depressingly, at the same company, earns the respect of a higher force – a faceless career God who assesses your CV on judgement day!

But this is anachronistic propaganda, which, for many – too many – has been a professional rule to which one must subscribe. Of course it is complete and utter nonsense. The days of completing 40 years at the same establishment is largely a thing of the past. If it’s a carriage clock* you aspire to, there are plenty at your local department store. In any case I have always found these items to be less than ornate.

Having addressed a few reasons why escaping ‘security’ might not be a bad idea, it may be wise to return to the subject of freelancing, or contracting, as it is otherwise known. For the feint-hearted it is not. In this profession you will be widely regarded – particularly by your parents – as not having a job at all. Prepare yourself for world-weary glances from your immediate family during ‘rest’ times.

Rest assured, however, that we are in the company of actors and musicians during these enforced holidays – this is the entertainment profession after all! When you find work it makes it all worthwhile and, because of the nature of freelancing, you will experience an enormous feeling of wellbeing several times a year. This short guide was designed as an introduction to freelancing for beginners and people interested in starting their own business but who don’t know where to start.

After downloading this book you will learn…

  • Chapter 1: Freedom in/is Work
  • Chapter 2: Product Development
  • Chapter 3: Presentation Matters
  • Chapter 4: Money Matters
  • Chapter 5: Finding Clients
  • Chapter 6: Making a Name
  • Chapter 7: Know Yourself as a Worker
  • Much, much more!
  • Download your copy today!

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    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!


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    Pimp Your Profile: Land High Paying Jobs on oDesk, Elance and Freelancer!

    So you’ve set up your profile on some outsourcing sites … Congratulations!

    But are you finding the right clients and landing high paying jobs? Or are you struggling to find clients that pay well and work that challenges you?

    This book came about as a direct result of my success with outsourcing sites – I successfully used oDesk to quit my job in June 2012, a short 10 months after I started freelancing on the side.

    Questions, Questions, Questions:

    - How did you find such great clients to work with?

    - How do you find the jobs that pay well and are not boring?

    - How do you increase your rating when you’re new to an outsourcing site?

    - Why do I need to complete skills tests?

    And so on…

    There’s no doubt about it, it’s overwhelming when you arrive on an outsourcing site for the first time – there is so much to do to create a good profile, understand what skills tests are and what to include in your portfolio; that you can find yourself giving up pretty quick.

    This book shows you how to setup your outsourcing profiles the right way. It will show you ways to ‘pimp’ your profile that results in these same sites promoting YOU to potential clients.

    In this book you will learn:

    - How to set up your profile so that clients FIND YOU

    - Skills tests and how you can use these to INCREASE your rating

    - How to SET your rates to land clients immediately

    - How to find the RIGHT clients and convert them into ongoing clients

    …plus so much more!

    In just a few short seconds, you could be landing your first long-term client on oDesk or Elance, getting promoted by Freelancer and showing up in a search based on your skills!

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