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A Labor of Love: How To Write A Eulogy

Written in 1995, this book was the first of its kind. Since then, it has helped thousands of people like you write and deliver the most difficult speech of their lives. With warmth and encouragement, A Labor Of Love provides guidance that is simple, clear, specific, and immediately-helpful, which is exactly what you need now.

If you want to write and deliver a tribute for a funeral service, look no further. Avoid the many online resources that are over-priced and poorly-written. When it comes to quality and value, A Labor of Love is the best book. That is the reason it is sold by Amazon.com, and other online resellers.


• A How-To-Write Section, which takes you through the entire writing process and includes “helpful phrases” and valuable questions to help you figure out what to write about.

• Short-Cuts For Writing A Eulogy (these are very helpful if you’re in a hurry)

• Tips For Delivering A Eulogy

• Free Eulogies (16 examples that will inspire you)

• Poems For Memorial Services

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3 comments to A Labor of Love: How To Write A Eulogy

  • J. Wilson

    Thank You For Writing This Book! 4/2/00

  • Anonymous

    7/28/00 I had to deliver the eulogy at my mother’s recent funeral service and this was without doubt the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. However, after reading the book, I was able to say things that otherwise I could not possibly have put into words. I was able to walk away from the occasion knowing in my heart that I had said exactly what I had wanted to say.

  • Anonymous

    A Testimonial the author received- #2 “My older brother died unexpectedly last week at the age of 48. I volunteered to give the eulogy because no one else in the family felt they could do it. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but felt someone in the family should do it.

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