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Cross My Heart (A Contemporary Romance Novel)

When opposites attract

The last thing Jenna Landry wants is to fall in love. The former rock musician is getting ready to start a new job and a new life in L.A., and she’s only back in her hometown for the summer. Nothing could tempt her to stay any longer than that…not even the sexy doctor next door.

Michael Stone has a reputation for being as cold as ice. So what is it about his free-spirited neighbor that sets him on fire? The strait-laced M.D. has his hands full with his career and his teenage daughter, and even if he were looking for a relationship, he knows Jenna is all wrong for him.

So why does being with her feel so right?

Cross My Heart is a contemporary romance novel of 60,000 words. It’s the second book about the Landry family, but it can be read on its own. The newest book in the series, Into Your Arms, is available now!

The Landry Family (the list is chronological, but the series can be read out of order and each book can be read on its own):


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3 comments to Cross My Heart (A Contemporary Romance Novel)


    I RECOMMEND IT! I had a huge cheesy grin on my face while I read this book. It was romantic and funny. Plus, it had just the right amount of sweet and sexy. I adored Cross My Heart by Abigail Strom.This is how the book starts:”I hate you.”Michael Stone glanced over at the passenger seat, where his fourteen year old daughter slouched down with folded arms.”I know.”She shook her head. “You only think you know. This isn’t some teenage drama thing, Dad. This is Count of Monte Cristo hatred.”He raised an eyebrow. “You’re going to spend the next thirty years plotting revenge?”"I’m just saying I won’t forget this. Ever. And I’ll never forgive you. The day I turn eighteen, I swear you’re never going to see me again.”First off, how many people remember conversations similar to that one with their parents? I know I do. Second, how freaking funny is the Count of Monte Cristo hatred comment? I re-read this page a couple times. It cracked me up and brought me back to my days as an adolescent.I am normally skeptical about novels where the main character has children, especially older children. I don’t have children so being a parent isn’t something I can easily relate to. I don’t know exactly what it’s like to be in the parent’s shoes, but I do remember what it’s like to be a bratty teenager. Surprisingly, I found that I could relate to the characters in this novel. I connected with Claire, Michael’s daughter, from experience, and because I am older now, I really felt the effects that Claire’s sulks, eye rolls, and bad attitudes had on Michael.This love story is hot. Michael and Jenna may be polar opposites but that doesn’t stop the electric sparks that fly whenever they are within 100 miles of each other. They have loads of sexual tension. Their love story is also realistic, and I love the way it ends.I gave Cross My Heart by Abigail Storm 4 STARS. This book kept me engaged, made me laugh out loud and kept me rooting for the characters. It’s extremely entertaining. I loved the characters, the plot, and the conclusion. I think this is a great novel, and I strongly recommend it to others.-XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMINGFOR MORE REVIEWS CHECK OUT MY BLOG ON BLOGSPOT: READING, EATING & DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORF

  • publish or perish

    Great Sexy Read This is a keeper. I’m so often let down by poor writing, so it was a relief to put myself in the hands of such a good writer. It’s smart and witty with a lot of heart, the sex is hot, the characters are likable and the motivations ring true. The author has a real flair for dialogue which is evident from page one. The hero was sexy and realistic and adorable. Alas, doctors like him don’t live next door to the single ladies nearly often enough.

  • The Book Runner

    Touching story that was fun to read This was a wonderful, romantic story with just the right amount of angst and suspense to make the love story sensual and endearing. The struggling father trying to build a relationship with his 14 year old daughter with the help of his beautiful and famous next door neighbor was a delightful and uplifting story that I would recommend anyone who has read or .Michael’s daughter Clare comes for her yearly visit and is the same resentful, angry daughter he is unable to communicate with. Fortunately, his new next door neighbor happens to be a member of one of her favorite rock bands and he decides to invite her over to win points with his daughter. He has already found himself attracted to Jenna and becomes more enthralled after their evening together. His daughter can see his infatuation and encourages him to pursue Jenna. Michael has always been science minded and protected himself from intimate relationships, but he can tell that Jenna is different and finds his long established self-control dwindling. He learns to enjoy music for the first time as Jenna and Clare teach him to experience what they love and he learns to open himself up to a love like he has never experienced before. He also starts to win the love and admiration of his daughter.This was a wonderfully, touching story that was fun to read and a pleasure to recommend.Would I/Did I buy it? Yes (.99)Would I read it again? YesWould I recommend it to friends? Yes

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