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He Loves Me Not: a novel of suspense (Lily’s Story, Book 1)

If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you’ll like He Loves Me Not.

Stay away from him. When college student Lily Jamison receives the ominous note, she convinces herself it’s a mistake. After all, she’s barely met the two men it could be referring to. But as she begins to fall for the man with the striking blue eyes, the disturbing messages increase. 

Refusing to believe warnings from an anonymous sender and trusting her own heart, Lily presses forward with her relationship, eventually coming to understand the meaning behind the messages as she fears for her life.

He Loves Me Not does not contain any profanity, but does contain mild sensuality (kissing). It is 83,000 words, which is approximately 300 pages.

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2 comments to He Loves Me Not: a novel of suspense (Lily’s Story, Book 1)

  • Marge25 "Marge25"

    Very simple, very annoying I got through reading this book because it is an extremely easy read. I started it, so I finished it. But I did not enjoy it. I found the writing style very amateurish and uninspired. The main character could not have been more incapable of making a good decision. If there was a solid reason for this, it should have been explained better. Her mother passed away when she was young, but her Dad was extremely supportive until he passed before she went to college. But she claims to have had a solid upbringing, not one of turmoil making her incapable of recognizing when things aren’t quite right. I think if a main character is determined to self-destruct, you should explain why. She was “in love” after one or two dates. I could almost accept that, if the author gave me cause for this. There was nothing. The object of her affection was closed off and revealed nothing about who he was, yet her heart “swelled with love” at the mere sight of him. If the author wrote, “my heart filled with love”, “my heart swelled with love” one more time…After an entire book of a girl ignoring every sign pointing to, “this guy is bad news”, you kind of give up on her completely. She goes from sympathetic, to pathetic. If the writing had been more intriguing, clever, humorous, anything, I could have hung in there better. Instead I just raced through it, praying for the end. When it finally came, I realized this was the first of a series of books. I always finish a book I start, so I did, the entire time, hoping for something better to happen. It didn’t. I needed to finish this book, but in no way am I tempted to pick up the next installment. This series will go on without me. I wish I could be more positive. I think a very young audience might receive it better, but if you older than 22, I would not recommend it.

  • C. Barone

    Astoundingly Bad I am compelled to write my first review because of how awful this book is. Even as a freebie it is way overpriced. The entire tone of this “novel of suspense” is monotone. I’m not sure if I read the same book as the other reviews. The main character is supposed to be damaged and shy, but she’s written as really simpleminded, with no real evidence as to why she’s making bad decisions. Really upset that my time was wasted, I could have organized my closets and been more excited.

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