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Principles of Writing Research Papers (3rd Edition) (Penguin Academics)

T he Principles of Writing Research Papers is the ultimate brief research reference, a concise version of the best-selling Writing Research Papers by the same distinguished authors.  This research guide, which focuses on MLA style, is priced to work as a primary text or supplement in any research-oriented course.


The Principles of Writing Research Papers is rooted in the fundamentals of thorough library research but encourages and equips students to use online as well as field research where appropriate. It endorses the written word while recognizing the value of graphics, audio, video, and electronic presentations.  Numerous student samples and excerpts model research papers with particular attention to MLA documentation style. With all the authority of the best-selling author of freshman research manuals, in an easy-to-use and value-priced Penguin Academic Edition, this text is the perfect complement to any freshman course that requires the completion of a full research paper.

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3 comments to Principles of Writing Research Papers (3rd Edition) (Penguin Academics)

  • c. mcpherson oveson "c. mcpherson oveson"

    Meh. This newest version keeps the nice format of the previous edition,BUT for some reason students don’t follow it as easily. Some basic elements like using italics for book titles are hidden. The examples are sometimes hard to follow and end up creating more questions than it answers. The example for block quoting does not efficiently show the one-inch indent.Meh.

  • Anonymous

    This text is an ok reference book if you have no experience in writing papers or essays. Otherwise, I think it is pretty basic; I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know, but I’ve had to write a lot of papers over the years.

  • Anonymous

    A very reader friendly guide to writing research papers. As a first time researcher I find the book a huge help. Everything the instructor said in class is in the book.

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