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Toasts & Tributes Revised & updated: A Gentleman’s Guide to Personal Correspondence and the Noble Tradition of the Toast (Gentlemanners)

Perhaps he’s been asked to say a few words at his college roommate’s engagement party. Maybe he’s at a family cookout, toasting his sister’s recent law school graduation. Have his parents reached a milestone anniversary that deserves a son’s perspective? Is his professional mentor retiring after decades as a leader in his field?  Throughout his adult life, a man encounters those occasions that depend on his ability to distill the emotions of the moment into a toast, a letter, or perhaps just a few words of gratitude.

John Bridges and Bryan Curtis call on their trademark wit to illustrate the skill of meaningful expression and show how to avoid those clichés, awkward jokes, and rambling speeches that threaten to derail the mood of any occasion. Learn how to keep your “just a few words” as succinct as possible, which rare occasions are suitable for an e-mail, and the proper way to give a toast everyone will remember.

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3 comments to Toasts & Tributes Revised & updated: A Gentleman’s Guide to Personal Correspondence and the Noble Tradition of the Toast (Gentlemanners)

  • barbara

    Tips for Adulthood Great book for young gentlemen graduating from college that might be asked to say a “few words” at a function.

  • Anonymous

    This product is outstanding. It keeps hands warm in the coldest weather. I will never be without it duck hunting in cold weather. It was delivered in a flash. I would readily endorse this vendor.

  • Anonymous

    I had to give a best man toast and found this book to be a very handy little guide to give me some direction as to how to speak and what to say. There are a quite a few occasions that this book gives toasts and tributes for and also a number of different people it would apply to (Father-of-the-bride, best man, etc.) The book also provides you with guidelines as to the appropriate length and content of a toast.The book is by no means a comprehensive guide nor is it a speech class in a book. It’s a great little reference guide and in that capacity does a very good job.

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