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Two women with a spirit

The face of a young woman appears over the woman on the right of the photograph. The reverse of the photograph reads: ‘Why is the child always pushing to the front?’ and ‘Do we get messages from the higher spirits?’; perhaps questions the women wanted answering. One of the sitters, at Hope’s request, has signed the plate for authentication.

Collection of National Media Museum

We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version of apply though; if you’re unsure please visit the National Media Museum website.

For obtaining reproductions of selected images please go to the Science and Society Picture Library.

19 comments to Two women with a spirit

  • celiathepoet

    These descriptions are unsatisfying.

  • kattyshack

    Search William Hope. He was one of the premiere spirit photographers of the early Twentieth Century and was considered by believers and supporters to be a true master of the art of producing spirits on ordinary photographic plates. To others, he was a clever trickster and while he had more than his share of detractors, he was often accused of fraud but was never caught at it — thanks to the controversy that surrounded the main attempt to expose him.

  • @lph@

    yea ok 2 time the same woman , it is simply the same film 2 time used , because of a malfunction or intentionally made . really nothing to hype about . but cool old picture .the gost ( smoke ) effect are simply the burn of the light at the second snap .

  • whatsthatpicture

    The signature appears to read "S Gilbert"

    S Gilbert
    (extracted directly from the source image and simply flipped vertically)

  • eddu550

    putz é mesmo nossssaaaaaa

  • ĐзvιŁιуα~Łι¢ιΘυs

    fake ppl fake old pics and 4sure fake spirits or whatever :P

  • JuJaJuJa

    they eat too much chocolate…

  • The Green Medusa

    No, not same woman twice…you can see the "young woman"’s eyes glowing above the woman swathed in spirity gauze. See them?

  • Ezequiel Franco

    This is true? or…? fake? o.o

  • ƒenk

    since there are a set of photos that got the ghost in.. so yeah
    its FAKE!

  • xiong_maririn

    same peopla???? I feel

  • lil' Hippe Chick 101

    exposure you guys!!!!!! it messes the pictures up!!!

  • Duen Esputo Colorido


  • Grace Scicluna

    I see 3 faces not 2. Now if its authentic or not im no expert but yes spirits exists

  • Santiago N. Oga


  • Pirate Braveheart (Daisy's Pirate Prince)

    YES…. same woman…… however….. not same picture. I would bet the photographer took a few and then did his magic…. but it is the same lady…

    Im a graphic designer and I use photoshop all the time… particularly for photomanipulations for covers of business proposals… Its ashame these tricky photographers didnt have computers and digital photography when they were pulling the wool of the eyes of the gullable.

  • Pirate Braveheart (Daisy's Pirate Prince)

    and I am not questioning the existance of spirits, ghosts, and other forms of paranormal energy… but I am just pointing out the obvious of these interesting and amusing photographs.

  • funk_so_bravo

    Awesome Picture
    Ver Well Composed

    My Photostream

    We would love to have you in our group

  • nur_moo_*

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Nur Moo’s room_* (solo su invito), and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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